Batak Rental and Hire for Events

Batak Challenge is a game that tests peoples reactions. Eight LED targets are numbered and arranged in a ‘maximum stretch’ type configuration on the Batak frame and controlled by a dedicated computer. The targets may be lit up in either random or repetitive ways.  Batak Challenge is a light chaser type of game whereby you have to hit the button which lights up as fast as possible and then the next button will illuminate. Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central Display.  Verbal instructions are issued to the participating player during the exercise as appropriate.  The Batak reaction game is suitable for hire for adults and children alike and the computer can run up to seven different games to suit your requirements, ranging from 30 seconds in duration up to 5 minutes.

R&M Leisure Ltd Batak rental service can be used at Corporate Events, Team Building Days and Multi Activity Days, as well as in Schools and Colleges and for Sports Training programmes.  Batak Hire is also used with great success on Road shows and for Marketing/Publicity events such as exhibitions and on show stands where its addictive playability brings the crowds in.  The polished metal frame of the Batak makes a very striking and impressive addition to any show/exhibition stand,

We can also brand the BATAK with your company logo or current corporate message / promotion.

See below to see our BATAK getting the works from the Scotland football squad.


The batak machine has been specifically designed as a piece of equipment to improve and increase hand eye coordination skills and peripheral vision. Used by many professional sports coaches the batak pro is a unique tool to improve stamina and improve reaction times, in a controlled ‘sports like’ environment.

The batak is a very popular piece of equipment in all gymnasiums and training rooms. It can offer a variety of uses from aerobic workouts, stamina tests and the primary use for hand eye coordination games and a reaction game. From the professional sportsman, to any fitness trainer, the benefits of incorporating the batak into a training schedule are great.

For the professionals, where reaction times are the difference between successs and failure, can you really afford to get the advantage to your opponents. Hire batak and use it as part of your controlled training schedules. You will soon see the reaction times reducing and the scores increasining with every session. With numerous batak games and batak programs available, your training sessions can be as varied as you like. you can incorporate stamina reaction games into your routines, and of course you can include the ultimate of hand eye coordination games with a stamina test – the Batakathon. For team sports such as cricket and football, the batak training session can provide great competitive fun for all involved. A piece of training equipment that will undoubtaldy boost each and every one of the teams performance. Batak can record scores in tenths of seconds, the margin that any game can be won or lost.

Many other sports have used the batak as a valuable training device in their training programmes. Most notably Formula 1, where various drivers have recorded unofficial world record scores – Jenson Button –. Professional cricket is another sport where the use of the batak  machine is clearly obvious. In Mexico, batak has taken off to the extent where there are even Batak leagues, as the batak becomes ever more popular.

Batak hire is available for single day sessions, or we can supply long term batak hire. Portable with a small footprint the batak machine is easily transportable, and can be supplied with its own power if required. Hire batak for your next training sessions, and you will quickly see the benefit to all who use it. Batak hire is available nationwide